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August 2011
J.C. Penney stops selling ‘Too pretty for homework’ shirt – The Daily Caller
Young GOP Women in Elle Magazine – The Daily Caller
Newsweek cover photo of Bachmann stirs controversy – WCCO Minneapolis
Bawdy Brokerage Solicits One-Night-Stand Stories – AOL News

July 2011
Michele Bachmann and Migraines: Presidential Disqualifier or Sexism? – The Huffington Post
From Clinton to Palin to Bachmann: Why some Dems now support GOP women – CNN
An Interview with the Director of The Undefeated – HoustonPress

June 2011
Is ‘Feminism’ Going Chapter 11? – The Huffington Post
Highly anticipated film examines Palin’s meteoric rise – Kansas City Monitor
Save Palin Moviemaker – The Atlantic
Clinton voters still skeptical of Obama for 2012 – The Daily Caller
The Undefeated: The Movie I Wish Hillary Had Made – The Huffington Post
Top 10 Reasons Palin Should Run for President – The Huffington Post
Has Chris Matthews lost his mind? – The Daily Caller
Weinergate and Feminists – The Daily Caller

May 2011
MSNBC is a cesspool of sexism – The Daily Caller

April 2011
Sexual Harassment Falls, Retaliation Rises – The Wall Street Journal
American Apparel bankruptcy likely, women’s groups respond – The Daily Caller

March 2011
Why Bill Maher should be taken off the air – The Daily Caller
Sexual Assaults Will Continue Unless We Educate Young Men – The Huffington Post
What Happened to Wall Street’s Women? – The Daily Beast
Rape Culture and How it Betrays Women – The Huffington Post

February 2011
Did Sexism Fell Kathleen Parker? – The Huffington Post
Huffington Gets Palin-ized – The Daily Caller

January 2011
Four questions for Megan McCain – HotAir
Why does MSNBC tolerate Chris Matthews’s misogyny? – The Daily Caller
More Lady Problems for Kayne West – The Daily Caller
Obama’s Press Secretary Resigns – The Los Angeles Times

December 2010
Liz Claiborne Hosts “It’s Time To Talk Day” – LoveIsNotAbuse
WikiLeaks US embassy cables – Guardian UK
When a Feminist Trivializes Rape – The Huffington Post

November 2010
How the GOP Blew it with Women on the Paycheck Fairness Act – The Huffington Post
The Republican Party’s Historic Opportunity with Women – The Daily Caller
Election Day predictions – The Daily Caller
Feminists laud Oprah for banning ‘bitch’ – The Daily Caller

October 2010
Hearing on Street Harassment – Time Out New York
Whitman and women: How gender plays in the campaign – Capitol Weekly
Women’s groups outraged by ‘sexist’ View co-host Joy Behar – The Daily Caller
Obama economic report focuses on women – The Daily Caller
Mayor Bloomberg Endorses Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as “Stunning” – NBC News
Mayor Endorses Sen. Gillibrand’s ‘Stunning’ Looks – The Wall Street Journal
Why Hillary’s Army Should Rally Around Meg Whitman – The Huffington Post
Jerry Brown to Meg Whitman: Hey, that “whore” conversation was private – Hot Air
Jerry Brown – NOW More Than Ever -Red State
NOW endorses Jerry Brown for California governor despite Brown staffer calling Republican opponent a ‘whore’ -The Daily Caller

September 2010
Dem Women Revolt in Obama’s “Liberal Dude Nation” – The Huffington Post
Feminazis Denounce Reid for Gillibrand Remarks – The Rush Limbaugh Show
Advice On A New Obama Economic Adviser – NPR
Feminist group demands Reid apologize for calling Gillibrand “hottest” senator – The Daily Caller
Woman CEO sought for Summers job – POLITICO
Christine O’Donnell thrust into pit of identity politics: We’re crying sexism where it doesn’t exist – NY Daily News
Kudlow and Me – The Huffington Post
Sarah Palin’s feminist revolution – Salon
Obama faces new criticism from women’s groups over his team – The Hill
Back to School, Back to Rape – The Huffington Post

August 2010
How Feminists’ Eggs Came Home to Roost – The Huffington Post
The West’s over-sexualized culture is feminism’s byproduct – The Daily Caller
‘Good ol’ boys’ in Warren’s way? – POLITICO
Romer disputes friction at W.H. – POLITICO
Why Obama Really Went on The View – The Huffington Post

July 2010
The Obama Old Boys Club — Does the White House Economic Team Have a Women Problem? – The Huffington Post
CNN’s Tilt Towards Misogyny – The Huffington Post

June 2010
Grading The White House On Women’s Issues – ForbesWoman
Women Who Wow – AVENUE Magazine
Why the ‘Pro-Women’ Movement Should and Will Replace Feminism – The Huffington Post

May 2010
Waving the Bloody Shirt for Hillary – RealClearPolitics

April 2010
Could Obama’s Hometown Hawaii District Go GOP? – CBS News
Asian American and Womens Group Speak Out – The Honolulu Advisor
In Hawaii, DCCC Targets a Woman Candidate in Favor of a White Male – The Huffington Post
Palin Needs to Embrace Her Gender or Something – Hot Air
Time for Palin to Embrace Her Gender – The Daily Beast

March 2010
Why I Still Stand With Blanche Lincoln – The Huffington Post

February 2010
News Of The Day – NY Daily News
Harold Ford: Get Your Sexism Out of NY – The Huffington Post
Sarah Palin and the “Abortion Bowl” – MORE

January 2010
Specter Harken Back to Anita Hill With His Comments to Bachmann – The Huffington Post
The Coakley Hangover – The Huffington Post
Save Us Martha! – The Huffington Post

December 2009
Is Sarah Palin a “Feminist”? – The Huffington Post
Another Women’s Health Care Smackdown and What To Do – The Huffington Post
The Year in Sexism – The Daily Beast
Women’s rights groups say judge went too easy on Sen. Monserrate – Legislative Gazette
If Health Care Fails, They’ll Blame Women – The Huffington Post
Obama’s Misogynistic Associations Haunt Him – The Huffington Post

November 2009
Why the Palin “Hate Affair” Will Backfire – The Huffington Post
Nancy Pelosi, Feminist Nightmare – The Daily Beast
Moore Award Nominee – The Atlantic
How Obama Sold Women Out – The Daily Beast
Women’s health is being targeted as expendable – The Washington Examiner
Why Women’s Orgs Must Become Non-Partisan – The Huffington Post
Women’s groups say Monserrate case indicative of larger problem – The Legislative Gazette

October 2009
Was Obama playing Melody for harmony? – CNN
It Could Have Been Your Daughter – The Daily Beast
Women’s Groups Start Petition to Oust Monserrate – The Journal News
Krueger’s Call for Monserrate’s Resignation Catalyzes a Movement – The Legislative Gazette
No Bunk: Palin Puts Obama To Shame – MORE
Women’s Organizations Demand Senator’s Removal – Northeast Public Radio
The Daily Politics – NY Daily News
Is Obama Uncomfortable Around Women? – The Huffington Post
Science and the Female Brain – RealClearPolitics
A Great Week for Women in Science – The Daily Beast
Do Women Have the Brains to Be Great Scientists? – MORE
America’s Morning News– The Washington Times
Should Women Back Palin in 2012? – The Daily Beast

September 2009
Breaking the Gender-Merit Link – The Huffington Post
Monserrate Case Fuels Women’s Fight for Justice – Legislative Gazette
The Daily Politics – NY Daily News
Can’t We Have A Ceasefire in the Mommy Wars? – MORE
Massachusetts Senate Seat – The Daily Beast
Way To Go Woman! – Today’s Woman

August 2009
Where’s the “Teachable Moment” for Teen Dating Violence? – MORE
An Interview with a True Feminist: Amy Siskind, Co-Founder of The New Agenda – Divine Caroline

July 2009
Hillary Clinton’s Congo Trip Will Shed Light on Sexual Violence – U.S. News & World Report
Miley Cyrus Meet Marcia Brady – The Huffington Post
Sit Down and Shut Up – The Daily Beast
CNN’s Sanchez: Is Palin Quitting Because She’s Pregnant Again? – NewsBusters
A Feminist Blogger wishes – PolitickerNY

June 2009
After a Coup d’Etat at NOW, the Future of “Feminism” – The Huffington Post
As We Exhale, How We Reached the “Letterman Limit” – The Huffington Post
Fire David Letterman – NPR
Dave Letterman’s Palin nighmare over? – Newsday
Letterman Quietly Ushers in the Next Wave of Feminism – The Huffington Post
Sexism On A Liberal Web Site is Still Sexism – WashingtonCityPaper
Sexism Against Conservative Women is Still Sexism – Townhall
Confused David Letterman backs down over Palin daughter jokes – Reuters
Sexism Against Conservative Women is Still Sexism – The Huffington Post
Odds and Ends – New York Daily News

May 2009
Women’s Groups Vow to Fight for Swift Confirmation – The Washington Post
Liberal Groups Rev Up Nominee Effort – The Hill
New Justice May Reignite Abortion Fight – Politico
Pressure Groups Begin to Weigh In – The Washington Post

April 2009
Domestic Violence and the DA’s Race – New York Daily News
Did This Senator Beat Up His Girlfriend? – The Daily Beast

March 2009
Is Valerie Jarrett Anti-Woman? – The Daily Beast

February 2009
The Honor-Shame Paradigm – The Atlantic/Andrew Sullivan
Apples & Oranges? – Real Clear Politics
The Debate Over Aasiya’s Murder – The Daily Beast

January 2009
CNN: Ladies Nag Obama about Lack of Women’s Jobs – NewsBusters
New Agenda wants women candidates in U.S. Senate race – Dayton Daily News
Gillibrand is both praised and criticized – Newsday
Kirsten Gillibrand Named to Fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate Seat – Black Enterprise
Does a Glass Ceiling Persist in Politics? – The Washington Post
‘Fiercely Loyal’ To Clinton – NY Daily News
A magazine’s Obama-as-feminist cover delights some women, infuriates others – Houston Chronicle
How Feminism Became the F-Word – The Daily Beast
Warren’s church says violence no excuse for divorce – Associated Baptist Press

December 2008
Why some women’s groups are miffed at Obama –
Barack Obama’s Cabinet Appointments: More Women Needed – U.S. News & World Report
Women Scorned – The Daily Beast
The Rules, Washington Edition – The Washington Post
Is Jon Favreau for Real? – U.S. News & World Report
Question No. 63 – The New York Times
I Believe Hillary’s Cardboard Cutout – Real Clear Politics
The Hillary Groping Incident And Other Signs We’re Back in 1950 – The Daily Beast
Poll says women trust Obama to look out for them – The Boston Globe
Clintonistas Weigh In On Clinton Replacement – NY Daily News

November 2008
Obama Should Appoint a Female-Majority Cabinet – The Daily Beast
White House Quota? – The San Diego Union-Tribune
Change We Can Bank On – The Nation
Will Secretary of State Be Enough for Hillary’s Army? – The Daily Beast
The Saturday Word: The Staff Takes Shape – The New York Times
Will men dominate Obama administration? – Politico
Summers may be off of Treasury short list – Politico
Summers could return to D.C., bringing baggage – The Boston Globe
Women’s Group Not Hot on Summers – The Washington Post

October 2008
Former Hillary Supporters Say New Obama Ad Featuring Palin Winking Is Sexist – ABC
Video of Governor Palin knocked unconscious and Reebok disavows connection to the violent video! – GretaWire

September 2008
Women’s Group Condemns NOW Endorsement of Obama – The Washington Post
Women’s group contacts Zucker, PA dems – Politico
Matthews Target of Women’s Rights Group’s Letter – MediaBistro TVNewser
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews remains in the bull’s eye for new women’s group – The Los Angeles Times
On trail for Obama, Clinton avoiding Palin ‘cat fight’ – The Boston Globe
Note to guy: “don’t call a woman shrill” – GretaWire
What A Heel: The New Agenda Takes Reid To Task For Calling Palin “Shrill” – The Stiletto Blog
Welcome to the Fourth Wave: The New Agenda Means Business – Slate -> The Fray -> XX Factor

August 2008
Clinton’s journey awakens a new women’s movement – The Boston Globe
Obama Camp Warm to ‘The New Agenda’ – AOL News
It’s No Longer Just About Hillary – Real Clear Politics
Bring Me the Head of Chris Matthews – Politics Daily
Women’s group wants Chris Matthews fired – The Los Angeles Times
A Movement Is Born: The New Agenda – The Stiletto Blog