Press Releases

Archive of press releases since August 2008

January 24, 2012: ‘Girlfriend, Build that Network!’ – A New Vision for Mentoring on National Mentor Month

October 26, 2011: See Something, Say Something – Victim Blaming in NY Friedlander Murder Imperils Public Safety

April 5, 2010: The Supreme Court is Stacked Against Women

October 17, 2009: Governor Paterson and New York State Senators: Join Senator Krueger and Demand Monserrate Resigns Immediately!

June 17, 2009: New York State Senator Senators: When You Roll with Dogs, You Get Fleas!

June 16, 2009: CBS Here’s Your Exit Plan

June 11, 2009: Letterman: Violence Against Teenage Girls is No Laughing Matter

May 26, 2009: The New Agenda Commends Inspirational Selection for Supreme Court

May 25, 2009: RNC Crosses the Line in Pelosi “Pussy Galore” Video

May 1, 2009: The “Fairer Sex” Imperative for Sound Supreme Court

March 24, 2009: Indicted State Senator Must Step Down

February 13, 2009: President Obama: Three Times a Charm

February 6, 2009: The New Agenda Calls on NY Senate to Force Monserrate to Step Down

February 3, 2009: Obama Gets Do-Over and a New Chance for Women

January 23, 2009: The New Agenda Hails NY Choice of Gillibrand for U. S. Senate

January 23, 2009: Time for Ohio to Move Women Forward

January 21, 2009: Governor Paterson, Move Women Foward!

January 7, 2009: Rick Warren: women have no “right” to divorce abusive husbands

January 5, 2009: America’s Women Deserve a Chance to Serve

December 18, 2008: The New Agenda Calls on Governor Ritter to Make History

December 15, 2008: Halftime Report: Women Don’t Matter to Obama

December 11, 2008: Cabinet Watch: 10 to three in race to 22 – Women Behind

December 10, 2008: Infamous Favreau “Grope” Posting Could Be Channeled for Good

December 6, 2008: Cabinet Watch: Nine to Three in race to 21 – Women Behind

December 1, 2008: The New Agenda Calls on Governor Paterson to Make History

December 1, 2008: Women’s Groups to Obama: Cabinet Numbers Don’t Add Up

November 24, 2008: Sleeping Majority No More! The New Agenda Calls for Record-Setting Number of Women in Cabinet

November 12, 2008: Larry Summers is not “Change We Can Believe In” and may put national economy in peril

November 6, 2008: The New Agenda protests consideration of Larry Summers for Treasury Secretary

September 19, 2008: The New Agenda responds to NOW Endorsement

September 5, 2008: The New Agenda demands apology from Sen. Reid’s office over sexist criticism of Gov. Palin

August 31, 2008: The New Agenda to Serve as Watch Dog for Women Candidates